Design Not Redesign - Nevada State College

This page is for attendees of the workshop "Design Not Redesign" held at Nevada State College on April 17, 2017.

Design Not Redesign1.17 MB
Syllabus demo44.35 KB
Accessible Word Documents699.13 KB
Converting PDF Files555.84 KB
bad.pdf1.48 MB
Formatting Guidelines for Captions15.24 KB
Captioning In YouTube1.08 MB
Captioning With Amara610.11 KB
Embedding Amara into Blackboard357.77 KB
Embedding YouTube in Blackboard336.45 KB
Making PowerPoint Accessible216.28 KB
Providing Extra Test Time in Blackboard319.15 KB
Writing Effective Alt Text259.94 KB
LizziesMints.mp46.27 MB
Lizzie-transcript.txt2.07 KB
Lizzie-transcript-chunked.txt2.27 KB
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