Disability Resources

For 13 years before taking a break to get my doctorate, I worked in postsecondary disability services. In addition to working with students and faculty locally to help ensure access for students with disabilities, I was also involved on a state and national level, presenting at national conferences and serving as President of the Association on Higher Education and Disability in Texas. I also created the Disability411 podcast (www.disability411.com) in September 2005 to help disseminate information on resources and legal updates of interest to professionals working in the disability field. The focus of the podcast has broadened over time to include more general disability content, but it is still going strong. I am also a National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Level III sign language interpreter.

Although I am not currently in direct service provision, I stay involved with the disability field by continuing to publish Disability411, producing the Disability Law Lowdown podcasts (www.disabilitylawlowdown.com), which are available in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language, presenting workshops on making online content accessible, and conducting related research.

I have created a number of handouts on how to make content for online courses accessible to students with disabilities which I use in some of my workshops. I am often asked for copies of these handouts, so I am making them available here. Feel free to print and distribute them, but please respect the effort I have put into creating them by leaving my copyright statement.

I am also maintaining a list of resources that I find most helpful when creating accessible content for the Web and online instruction. If you have a website to recommend, please email me at beth@bethcase.com and I'll consider it for inclusion. I realize there are many more resources than I have listed, but my goal is to list the most essential and useful resources instead of being comprehensive. Of course, if you notice a broken link, please let me know.

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