This page contains presentations and handouts from trainings and workshops that I present.

Being ADA Compliant - presented for the KCTCS Fall Mini-Conferences in 2013, this presentation addresses some simple ways faculty can make their online courses more accessible to students with disabilities. Warning: This is posted as a resource to attendees and may not be helpful as a stand-alone resource.

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Designing_Authentic_Assessment.pdf1.39 MB
Audio_Capture.pdf523.02 KB
ADA.pptx2.2 MB
Audio_and_Video.pdf55.96 KB
Chat_Rooms.pdf231.76 KB
Disabilities_and_Online_Content.pdf246.29 KB
Online_Quizzes_and_Tests.pdf86.78 KB
Powerpoint.pdf90.58 KB
Resources.pdf132.13 KB
Web_Accessibility_for_NonTechies.pdf65.64 KB
Word and PDFs.pdf76.86 KB
Top Ten Tips BCTC.pptx2.79 MB
Captioning Basics.pptx1.65 MB
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